ICE! Orchestra starts rehearsing

Next Thursday February 2 2017 we will start rehearsing with the ICE! Orchestra.

Inspired by the great music that Icelandic artist Björk recorded over the years from 1994 this project was launched by the Fries Project Orkest.

The pop choir Orange Voices from Oranienburg, Germany, led by singer/arranger/composer Suzy Bartelt will sing with us in this fantastic program. Arrangements are made by Hazel Leach, Suzy and myself. The 22 piece orchestra has strings, woodwinds, saxophones, trumpet, tuba, piano, EWI, synth and electronics. Everybody is excited to work on this beautiful music. We will also do three traditional Icelandic folksongs.

Concerts are scheduled in Schalottentheater, Berlin (April 29), Nicolaikirche, Oranienburg (April 30), Neushoorn, Leeuwarden (June 10), Korenfestival, Annen (June 11).